Afternoon at the Fiber studios and Other Important Things

Posted on Apr 7, 2013 in apprenticeship, dance, fiber, india, wolves

I think I never mentioned before that I will be apprenticing with my former instructor for Fiber classes, Laura Vickerson. Yesterday on a foggy afternoon I visited her in her studio. I brought in some of my current work to show, and showed the galleries from this portfolio website. I was hoping for some direction and motivation, but I understand it is still something I have to do for myself, so I am happy with whatever feedback I got. I met a few fellow artists whose faces but not names I knew from ACAD.
We talked about many things including teaching possibilities and showing work, which reminds me that I have to dig up my old work and finish some current pieces so they are ready to be hung on the wall whenever the possibility presents itself. Lists go!

So the good things about my drawing that were mentioned:
– scribbles. The pencil drawings with random colourful scribbles on them. I had a few people comment that they have never seen that treatment before, so I guess it’s worth continuing with that.
– textures/brown paper. The way I digitally overlayed my drawing with old brownish paper that added texture was good too.

Projects in progress:
– India. Last year about this time I was traveling in India by myself for about a month, and that was a huge experience, amazing and scary at the same time. I feel that it sits in my consciousness/memory like an unpacked box and I need to digest and transform these experiences.
– doilies/collage on silk. This is a series of small works on second hand doilies. They are transfers of random internet images of people or collages of them that I find interesting/weird/engaging. They are playful and spontaneous, without any deep underpinnings.

Two other things that I need to incorporate in work at some point are:
– wolves. I have a special connection with a wolf pack at our zoo, and visit them regularly. Other animals too, but the wolves are at the top of the list.
– dance. Movement means a lot to me, and while being very weak and uninterested in anything physical in my childhood (mostly due to the uninspiring soviet education system) and being very shy with my body and dancing, I have consciously worked to deal with these issues. I did tai-chi, kunfu, yoga and a variety of movement practices and dynamic meditations, to finally arrive to understanding that body is a great intuitive tool with huge creative potential. So now I do classes with CoreConnexion, which are a weekly get-together for a night of interaction and improv dance.

After that I had a very fun evening with Kasia Koralewska, her husband and their cat-tigarrrr Mittensocks. I met Kasia when I studied at ACAD, and lost contact for a few years. Now we met again. It was a lot of fun. Wish I did take pictures!

I also realized I have a few skills to offer)))) I know Photoshop, graphic design software, a bit of web design, photography, video production, I have access to the lasers at my work. So I have stuff to offer!

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