Camp Pikaland started yesterday

Posted on Apr 10, 2013 in camp pikaland, drawing, photography

As of yesterday, and as if I didn’t have enough on my plate, I joined this class at Camp Pikaland. For the next 6 weeks I will be doing a surprise assignment each week and see what comes out of that, and document my progress here. I hope for an enlightening journey! So far the participants introduced themselves on the forum (there’s about 20 of them, all girls I believe), and I am amazed at the overall geography: it seems like we are spread evenly across the globe, I almost for a few minutes thought it was a scam (sorry Amy!) – so uncanny it seemed. Just look at that: we got London (2), Berlin, Brooklyn NY (2), Madrid, Glasgow, me (Calgary), Ayrshire Scotland, Houston Texas (2), New Jersey, Guadalajara Mexico, Melbourne Australia, Rome Italy, Singapore, Moscow… and more… I will just stop here. It’s quite a variety of skill levels, experiences, etc. Definitely will be interesting to see everyone’s input. I found some common interests like textile and pattern, children’s book illustration. In a little introduction I wrote I want to find my voice, figure out what I like doing the most and get feedback from other artists.

So the first assignment is called Deconstruction:
1. photograph nature
2. choose your 5 favorite photos and using the five elements (Color, Composition, Texture, Light, Subject) visually deconstruct them (that’s called analysis I believe!)
3. choose one photograph you’ve taken to create a new work of art inspired by the 5 elements.
list the 5 elements- color, composition, texture, light, subject and explain how they drew you to the image in the first place and how you incorporated them into your new work.

I went to Bowness Park today after work to take my pictures, it happened to be sunset, but nothing exceptional really caught my eye. Still tho, I believe assignments like that help to develop a certain mode of attention and opens the mind to the details one haven’t been noticing before. They train the eye to see. I found many interesting details but none of the shots were what I wanted.

The problem with me is that there’s no balance. Once I get going on some project, my head starts exploding with other ideas, and it doesn’t stop. Usually the head activates when I try to sleep, which is not exactly convenient.

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