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… is something I love. Especially I get excited when things are so well made you [almost] don’t feel them on the body. The final criteria is whether you can sleep in one or not. Some of the pieces truly feel like fabric: made out of many small interconnected parts, they follow the body and are minimally intrusive. Of course not all the pieces are like that, and I wish I could wear them more, but hey, that’s the joy of collecting… I have quite a big collection that I gathered over the years of going to different places, or hours spent on Ebay and Etsy. It is extremely fascinating how each culture is reflected in a piece of craft, or if not – it at least holds personal memories of the place and time.
This website that I found today inspired me to take this picture:


Here I combined gold and silver metals; the pinky knuckle ring is a diamond cut gold filled [or plated? not sure] toe ring from Maui that happened to be a bit small to be worn with its sister on the toe, so it migrated to the finger. Index finger rings: the gold one is from Russia and formerly part of a set of seven called, guess what, nedel’ka = a  “week”. This is a colloquial name for a set of seven thin stacking rings that can be worn together, separately or in a few combinations with enough variety to last a week. The thicker one is a borrow from my mom, a platinum with diamond, again, from Russia, her wedding anniversary gift. The silver bracelet is a child’s anklet from India, picked up at the night market in Goa, of course, it is silver, but I don’t quite believe the sellers)))) At best, there’s some silver content… I like the delicate pattern, the adult versions usually are much bulkier. The last one is a thin flat chain from Russia, quite traditional. These types of chains are made both as full-length neckpieces and smaller bracelets. So here’s a mixture of stories and cultures

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