ArtsСan Meeting

Posted on Mar 19, 2013 in artscan

Since last summer I have been a part of a cooperative for artists called ArtsСan (thank you Alexandra! This is how random encounters in the right place and right frame of mind turn into something meaningful). I participated in a few events with them, and today was my first board meeting with everyone. They tried to make the official part quick and fun, and even introducing myself in front of the others, which is usually dreaded, went ok. It’s a mixed bunch of both Canadians and immigrants in various stages. Polish, Russian, Turkish, Latin American, Vietnamese to name a few, there was even a Lithuanian artist! I rarely go out to public functions and was not very keen on showing up at this one too, but at the same time I had no hesitation that it is something I have to do – for myself as an artist. And I never was sorry I did. The opening ceremony was conducted by the invited Blackfoot singer-storyteller, and although it might sound odd or provoke skepticism, the words and the singing were beautiful and profound. They set the tone for the whole evening, grounded the energy with the help of ancestor spirits. She also said did the food offering to the ancestors.

It was extremely inspiring to share stories, sad and beautiful and funny, and share food. Everyone got little cards with a random (or very relevant – in my case) message. Here it is, on top of my today’s sketching:


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