Self-portraits galore

Posted on Nov 17, 2013 in drawing, self-portrait

Now that I have a rhythm going on I can talk about this. In order to keep drawing, me and my studio mate, Kasia, decided to do a self portrait every day. It’s not too strict, it’s ok if you miss a day, but you gotta keep doing it, instead of feeling guilty for a missed day. For me, I decided it is going to be a choice of 3 every day: a drawing (self portrait possibly), a photograph or a journal writing. Flexibility in this matter helps me to stay on top of it and feel that I have some sort of choice…


Some days I like doing self portraits more than others, but it definitely gets you going, and when coming to the studio I used it as a warmup for other drawing work. I am not very good at conveying likeness, but I have fun drawing and Photoshopping them a little bit. Why self portrait? It is a face always readily available in the mirror to reproduce and practice on.


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